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Customer Finance Programs Key to Increasing Sales


While studies demonstrate that technology spending is once again increasing, there is a reason you haven’t heard a collective sigh of relief from the applications business. While many budgets are allowing for the purchase of enterprise software, hardware and peripherals, there is no question that today’s purchasers are smarter, more savvy and much more discerning than ever.

Despite the fact that the purse strings have loosened, rivalry is at an all time high. It is no longer enough to supply it at the most effective cost, or even to supply a software alternative which fulfills the prospective customer’s needs. Smart sellers are always trying to find methods to remain one step ahead of the competition now.

While raising sales is consistently portion of a competitive business strategy, software development businesses often miss an easy way of achieving this goal – making it simpler for customers to get.

One alternative growing in popularity among software vendors would be to set up a customized finance application which provides no-hassle funding options for your would-be customers. Along with “one-stop shopping,” your clients can reap the other benefits of funding which make it simpler for them to commit to technology purchases, including:

100 percent funding — Many finance companies offer 100 percent funding for the expense of maintenance as well as applications contracts, which needs no down payment. Because customers do not have to come up with a down payment, they can make a purchase promptly, rather than hold up the deal with a “wait and see” attitude that often accompanies a drop into cash reserves. In addition, it enables your customers to invest more capital in sales-generating tasks.

Improved income direction – With applications funding, your clients boost budgeting truth through fixed monthly premiums and can conserve capital for reinvesting in their own company. Funding additionally makes it simple for customers to obtain multiple-year budgets by paying for the gain of your applications over its useful life.

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